Why do we need stationery?

Hello Deskorators,

Day by day, the world is slowly turning more and more digital, with technology providing us ways to basically do everything and anything we want it to. With laptops and phones, cloud services and desktop sticky notes, why is it important to keep the stationery buzz alive?

Time and time again where often here that if you need to remember something, you should write it down. Scientists and psychologists have said that physically writing creates relationships and connections between each part of information you are writing down, meaning that you can more likely understand everything as a whole. It also gives your brain a quick run through, or rehearsal if you like, of recollecting the information, giving you practice of remembering the information you have written down.

Stationery, much like planning, can also give you a chance to explore a hidden talent. Sometimes, holding a pen in one hand with a sheet of paper in front of you can allow your brain to explode with possibilities. Mind maps, calligraphy, drawing… you name it, stationery can help you do it.

Moving on from how you can use stationery, what can stationery do for us? As amazing as the digital world can be, if for some reason you lose electricity or the WiFi connection gives out, then you may need to turn to your trusty notebook for a back up!

Finally, stationery is still used to this day by business. Flyers, business cards, letters, cards… Why? Because having something physical that you can hold and look at means more. You are more likely to feel something by opening a birthday card than you are reading a Facebook status for example.

Time to start flying the stationery flag – will you be joining us?

Until next time…

Amy x

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